Faia Younan: My Favourite Arabic Singer

Hi language lovers,

I am pleased to share this wonderful Syrian-born singer who has graced us with her amazing voice a few years ago. I personally think she's probably one of the best singers in the Middle East and I'd go as far as compare her to the legendary Fairouz, a timeless Lebanese queen of music. She's got that sweet voice that just makes a cloudy and rainy Pacific Northwest coast morning more beautiful

She captured my attention with the song Ohhebou yadaika (I love your hands) and her Fairouz medley covers on YouTube, and I have loved every song she has released since. Today, I will share two of her songs, and you are welcome to search for the rest yourself. Below are lyrics in Arabic and English, they were provided for listeners.

I love your hands (أحب يديك)
Crazy love (حب الأقويا)

حبُّ الأقوياء لماذا تحاولُ في الحب قتلي لماذا تخاف شموخ النساء وتعرفُ أنّ قلبي عزيزٌ ولم أتعوّد على الانحناء أنا ما لجأتُ لعينيكَ خوفا أنا بنتُ خيرِ الترابِ وشمسِ السماء فإن كنتَ تحسبُ عشقيَ ضُعفا وتجهلُ معنى الوفاء فإني لعزّةِ نفسيَ أوفى ولا حبَّ عندي بلا كبرياء أراكَ غريقاً بلا ضفّتين تخشى البقاءَ وتخشى الرحيلا معاً لن نكونَ سوى جانحين فكنْ مرّةً رجلاً مستحيلا أحبكَ لكنَّ قلبي عزيزٌ ولم أتعوّد على الانحناء تعلّمْ معي أنْ تكونَ قوياً فقد خُلِقَ الحبُّ للأقوياء Why do you try to kill me in the name of love Why do you fear a woman’s pride Even though you know that my heart is dear to me And I’m not used to kneeling I did not run to you out of worry I am the daughter of the soil and sun So if you see all my love as weakness and mistake my loyalty I’m more loyal to my dignity and for me, there’s no love without pride I see you drowning between two shores you are afraid of staying and afraid of leaving Together we can’t be but two wings Be for once the impossible man I love you but my heart is dear to me and I am not used to bowing down Learn with me to be strong For love was made for the strong

أحبُ يديكَ عيناك حلمي الذي سيكون كبيراً كما يحلم المتعبون كبيراً كخير بلادي يداك تلوّح للعائدين وتحمل خبزاً إلى الجائعين أحبُ يديكَ... وأكثر أكثر أحب بلادي ستكون لي لو تعشق الأوطان مثلي سأكون لك لو عاد للأوطان أهلي عرسي هنالك حيث يحملني فؤادي وأموت فيك أموت فيك متى تموت على بلادي وأنا أحبك كي ندوس على المدافع وتضيق بالأطفال ساحات الشوارع ومتى يعود الصبح من بين الرماد سأموت فيك أموت فيك وقد أخونك مع بلادي Your eyes are my big dream a dream as big as tired people's dreams as big as the goodness of my country Chorus Your hands wave to the people returning home and carry bread to the hungry ones I love your hands but more and more…I love my country You will be mine if you love homelands like I do I will be yours If my people get back home There my wedding will be, where my heart carries me and I die for you, die for you when you’re ready to die for my country And me...I love you so that we together could step on cannons and the streets get over-crowded with kids and when the morning arises from the ashes I will die for you, I will die for you and I might cheat on you with my country

Faya Younan - Source:Facebook
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