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Yalla! Episode 4: Meeting the Doorman

Hello language lovers!
It's been a while since we had a Yalla! lesson out. As you may recall from our last three lessons, this group of lessons will feature two friends, Hanan from Cairo and Ana from Vancouver visiting each other and experiencing life in their new cities.  In the first lesson, Ana just arrived at the Cairo International Airport. In the second lesson, she took the taxi in Cairo. In the third lesson, she was hunting for an apartment.
After some adjustment time, Ana is settling in to her new place and is meeting the doorman (bawab) Mustafa and asking for some practical information. Both the English and the Arabic versions will feature the audio files rather than including the vowel marks (tashkeel). We hope that you enjoy this lesson! Let me know in the comments what you thought about this short lesson!


For the English audio, please click here.

After Mona has found an apartment for Ana, it is time to move in. Ana meets the doorman, Mostafa and asks him for prac…

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