Introducting YALLA! A Collaborative Effort to Learn Egyptian Arabic and English!

Hello language lovers!

I have recently shifted most of my focus to Egyptian Arabic because I feel like I can understand more than I can say and I wanted to learn practical, spoken Arabic and have some fun learning it. My friend Hanan from Cairo is learning English and her and I have decided to make short dialogues in both English and Egyptian Arabic, which we hope will be beneficial to language learners. We will also include pronunciation, in addition to the dialogue transcripts. The name of this special blog feature will be YALLA! Which is an Arabic word which means "let's go" or "come on"so we can motivate each other to learn and to keep progressing! These will be short and sweet, because language learning doesn't need to be overwhelming!

The dialogues will center around the lives of two girls, one from Vancouver, Canada and one from Cairo, Egypt and they will find themselves in situations while visiting the each other which will require knowledge of the local languages! We will include many topics, we are open to suggestions and are looking forward to learning together!

Stay tuned for the first YALLA! dialogue about losing my luggage at the Cairo International Airport!

Much love!


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