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I am passionate about languages and language learning!

Once upon a time, I was reading a translation of a French novel and I found a strange typo in it, so I asked a native French speaker to tell me what the original sentence meant. We discovered that even with the typo fixed, the sentence still didn't convey the meaning of the original. Then I decided that I didn't want to have to rely on other people's translations or explanations of the original works. Sixteen years later, this stubborn commitment to this idea still remains with me.

I believe that language learning is a lifetime commitment whether it is your native language or a language you are learning. There is always something to perfect, another word to learn, slang to keep up with, reading new books...

This blog was born recently but the gestation period was rather long. I wanted to collect some texts for the purpose of comparative language learning and put them in one place, and then I also decided to share what I learned in order to promote language learning and be a resource for other learners at the same time.

As you see from the early posts, there is a focus on Spanish and Arabic because those are the languages I am currently learning. I am also interested in Latin, which I am slowly teaching myself. I have also added  a section which will talk about language in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. I will feature my translations of some literary texts and grammar lessons. As the ideas grow and expand, so will this blog.

Happy reading!


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