Yalla! Episode 2: Taxi in Cairo

Hello language lovers!

Thanks for joining us for the second episode of Yalla!
This time, Ana needs a taxi to go meet her friend Hanan at Lebanon Square and as it often happens, the driver gives her an outrageous price for a rather short trip. Read and listen to Ana trying to reduce the price of the trip. For pronunciation and listening practice, audio files are included below in both English and Arabic.

This week too, my beautiful friend and native speaker Hanan has generously given her time to bring you the Arabic version! Enjoy!

English audio here.

Ana: Taxi please!
Driver: Hi, where can I take you?
Ana: Lebanon Square, please.
Driver: Hi, welcome. No problem, let's go.
Ana: How long will it take us to get there?
Driver: You never know with Cairo traffic, maybe an hour and a half. Have you been here before?
Ana: Yes, I visit regularly. How much will this trip cost me?
Driver: Around 500 pounds.
Ana: 500 pounds? Sorry, that's too much. I come here often and it has never been this expensive.
Driver: It's a very long trip.
Ana: Yes, and I have paid much less for the same trip.
Driver: Ok, I will give you a special price, 250.
Ana: Still too much. A train ticket to Alexandria is cheaper! I will give you 100 pounds. Will you take me or should I call an Uber?
Driver: Fine, let's go.
Ana: Thank you.

آنا : تاكسي !
السواق: اهلا وسهلا عوزه تروحي فين حضرتك؟
آنا: ميدان لبنان  من فضلك! 
السواق: أهلا وسهلا، مفيش مشكله،يلا بينا.
آنا : هنوصل في قد إيه ؟
السواق: عمرك ما تقدري تخمني مع زحمه المواصلات في القاهرة. 
أنتي جيتي هنا قبل كده ؟
آنا : ايوه انا باجي هنا ديما. 
التوصيله دي هتتكلف كم ؟
السواق: حوالي 500 جنيه
آنا : 500 جنيه!!! معهلش ده كتير اوي. أنا باجي هنا ديما وعمرها ما كانت غاليه كده! 
السواق: بس المسافه طويله اوي. 
آنا : عارفه وأنا كنت بدفع أقل من كده بكتير لنفس المسافه! 
السواق: تمام هعملك سعر مخصوص 250 جنيه كويس؟' 
آنا : لا كتير برضه ده تزكره القطرلاسكندريه  أقل من كده. بص أنا مش هدفع غير 100 جنيه. عجبك ولا أنزل أركب اوبر؟! 
السواق: خلاص يا ستي هاخد ال 100.
آنا : تمام شكرا.

I hope you enjoyed this short dialogue. See you next week!


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